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I wish there was a way I could join this blog with the other two I have.

this gets the most reads or at least it did in the past but I don’t think too many people read me here anymore

I need to be more computer savvy to figure this out

maybe I can get my sister to do this for me when she comes to visit this weekend!

Happy 4th of July to everyone tomorrow!


this title just flew into my head so I decided, why not…..just go with it.

nothing new

seems life is pretty much the same day in and day out.

it is hot and humid here which I hate but not like I have any control over the weather.
Believe you me, if I did it would never get hotter than 80 degrees and there would always be a nice breeze.

of course if it was up to me I would never have bugs to deal with either.

I hate bugs.


work is the same, nothing really changes much there


keep gaining weight which I hate with a passion

but I am lazy and find it hard to get up the gumption to do anything about it.

so I remain fat.


what I need is motivation.

a reason to get healthier and stay that way.

as of yet I haven’t found it.

for the most part life is good.
I have a lot of blessings in my life….and I need to concentrate on those and the unhappiness that hits me every now and again.


rif raft, is that a word?
not quite sure but it came to mind so I wrote it.
None essential things is basically that I have nothing new to share.
life is good for the most part.
I have a few quirks here and there that I need to deal with and iron out
but for the most part everything is A OKAY
my husband, children and grandchildren are all healthy
my siblings all are struggling with issues but nothing so out landish that they aren’t doing okay as well

My heavenly Father is forever gracious to me and blesses me every single day

what more do I need?

I will always want more money and I really need to lose weight, but….I’m working on both of those so……..
life is good.


no piggy back riding on my back

my sour mood has lifted.
I am over the blues

I have a lot to be thankful for and I just need to keep all of that in mind.
I can and will be better than the blues

the devil is not going to piggy back on me.

quitting time?

I’ve made a few changes, I am trying to do better.
I need to improve greatly

I know all of this.

I am not the woman I want to be.
not by a long shot

the real me, the one inside where no one sees, is slowly fading away

I’ve lost all the luster to continue

there is no hope for that woman anyway.

no one wants her to be who she really is.

I wear a mask, and fake it.

oh don’t get me wrong.

90% of the time I am fine with hiding away the real me.
90% of the time

the other 10% I am sure is the devil trying to play havoc on me anyway.

But sometimes I do wonder……when will I get to be me?

even though I already know that answer………


to be or not to be

sometimes I wonder if I put it all on myself, or if the struggle is really there and I am just ignoring it?
sometimes I feel like it would be best to try something else

but unfortunately for me, I am not a fan of failing.

I figure if I do my best than that is all I can do right?
But what if that other element doesn’t do it’s best?
there is no giving, just a bunch of taking

and it leaves me feeling drained and empty

it leaves me wondering “isn’t there more than this?”

unfortunately, there are no promises that it would be better going the other route

there are no promises of anything.

I just wish that other element could be more loving and caring…….


a lot of things have changed in my life, since I was on this and actually wrote a blog that had substance.

the biggest is my grandson was born two and a half years ago.

he is exceptional and wonderful and a true love of my life.

I lost my sister Linda almost a year ago.

she died from complications from a massive stroke.

I was with her hours before she died and it was painful to see her so ill

I think she knew who I was and that only made her cry more.

it was awful saying goodbye to her, but I do believe she is in a better place now.

My children and grandchildren are all healthy and doing well.

My husband is retired now and working part-time

life is good for the most part.
I get down sometimes and maybe even a bit depressed and often wonder “is this all there is in life?”

but I try to be upbeat and happy

life can throw curveballs, and we have to be prepared for that movement.

but overall God has blessed me with a good life.

the oddness of it all

computers, they are really odd to me

I haven’t been on this site for years and suddenly it lets me back on.
doesn’t make sense and I don’t understand how this happened, but yet here I am.

guess I will go with it and be happy


Valentine’s weekend

here we are sitting on the Friday before Valentine’s day

I actually think, like Halloween I think Valentine’s day is a worthless holiday.
There is no point to it really.

If you can’t tell the person you love every day, that you love them, than why do you need a special day to say it?

It is another silly holiday that people spend a lot of money on

so unnecessary

invisible strings

as I sit here reflecting on my day and thinking about summer and warmer temperatures I have to say that the highest point of my day was two different things.
both affect my heart-strings and the overflowing love I have for my youngest daughter and my two younger grand daughters.

the first high point (it is a tie, but this one happened first)

was when my youngest daughter who is almost six months pregnant text me and was saying how her son was moving around inside of her so much that it looked like he was playing ping-pong in there.
It warmed me so much because for one thing, we were told my daughter may never be able to conceive like a normal woman does (look how wrong that doctor was!) and because this is her first child and therefore it is all refreshing and new to her.
Therefore I get to live it all over again in her.
itย  is wonderful to be able to share the joy of motherhood with her.
My eldest child, aside from the fact that she has disowned me, will never have a child, so sharing all of this with my youngest child, is extra precious.

The second thing that happened today was when my grand daughters came home.
they both are thrilled to see me and I get hugs and smiles and just so much joy in being their nana that it is almost indescribable.

The invisible strings are there constantly when it comes to being a parent and grand parent.
those strings tug at my heart in every way and makes life a true blessing to live.
Thank you God for this good life I live