now you may find this hard to believe but…I have literally been awake for most of the night.
Every hour went by and I lay there awake.
I dozed a time or two but one of the girls would wake me up, Kayla but coughing and Keira by moaning or talking into her sleep.

and the funny thing is I don’t feel all that tired.
My mind just would not stop racing.
It went from my childhood, to Michael Jackson, to my kids….to the past…to the future……to the fair parade later today….

honestly it was ridiculous and I was quite angry with myself but……what does one do?

Kayla woke up at four am to eat and was back asleep with in minutes of finishing her bottle.
Keira woke up at four thirty and was wide awake.
So here I sit with her at my hip watching “Marley and Me’ while I  type.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
Love Marge