I do have to say after walking around the fair for four hours, in a new pair of shoes (I know, can anyone say idiot?) I am rather fatigued.

Lifting and re lifting my thirty pound three year old grand daughter and I am tired tired tired.

my little three year old angel is tired too.
She is sleeping now.
I am hoping for all night but chances are she won’t

Knowing her she will be up at midnight wanting something to eat.
My six year old grand daughter was a great help with the three year old and riding rides with her so Keira wouldn’t be scared.
She was a great big helper.

My eight month old grand daughter was a perfect angel.
Didn’t cry or fuss in that whole four hours and even slept for about twenty minutes.
Just a perfect little princess.

Anyway one more day of the fair and then it will be over for another year.