My baby girls stayed the night last night.
Keira was asleep before eight pm due to the fact that she didn’t have a nap yesterday.
She slept all night long only waking up once talking in her sleep and crying a bit.
I patted her leg, told her I was here and she quieted right back down to sleep.

Kayla was asleep by nine and woke up at twelve (midnight) crying out.
I found her pacifier and gave it back to her and patted her butt until she quieted down.
She woke again at three ten, to the same ritual.
She woke up at six crying and wanting fed.
So we have all three been up since six.
Which is alright since I slept till nine yesterday morning (after not going to bed until midnight)
Keira went with grandpa to work (his every weekend ritual of reading meters) and then I will take a bath once they get back home.

The funny thing is, Miss Kayla refuses to crawl forward.
She literally gets up on her hands and feet to move.
She won’t crawl forward.
She will crawl back wards and scoot herself around

she can lay down and get herself sat back up too, and she tries very hard to pull herself to standing up completely although she hasn’t done it for me yet because the couch is too high for her.

She was nine months old yesterday.
Hard to believe….but I bet she is walking by her birthday in November.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being Nana?
🙂Kayla and Keira