well in four days we will be into the year 2010

Amazing if one thinks about it.
I find it hard to believe.
Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were just about to turn to the year 2000

where does the time go?

I am not going to make any New Years resolutions because ninety-five percent of the time I end up breaking them anyway.
I am however going to become a new person.

I am giving my life to God.
To do with as He sees fit.
Everything I do regarding any other human being is going to be due to my Lord and the precious life He has given me.

I am going to be a better wife
I am going to be a better mother.
A better sister and friend.

I am going to walk with God in my Heart and God by my side.
With my Lord anything and everything is possible.
Without Him, I would be a tumble weed blowing in the wind.

So as I look into the year 2010 and wonder what it will hold in store for me besides a new grand child….I give it up to God.
For He is everything to me and HE is responsible for all the gifts and blessings in my life.