as I sit here reflecting on my day and thinking about summer and warmer temperatures I have to say that the highest point of my day was two different things.
both affect my heart-strings and the overflowing love I have for my youngest daughter and my two younger grand daughters.

the first high point (it is a tie, but this one happened first)

was when my youngest daughter who is almost six months pregnant text me and was saying how her son was moving around inside of her so much that it looked like he was playing ping-pong in there.
It warmed me so much because for one thing, we were told my daughter may never be able to conceive like a normal woman does (look how wrong that doctor was!) and because this is her first child and therefore it is all refreshing and new to her.
Therefore I get to live it all over again in her.
it  is wonderful to be able to share the joy of motherhood with her.
My eldest child, aside from the fact that she has disowned me, will never have a child, so sharing all of this with my youngest child, is extra precious.

The second thing that happened today was when my grand daughters came home.
they both are thrilled to see me and I get hugs and smiles and just so much joy in being their nana that it is almost indescribable.

The invisible strings are there constantly when it comes to being a parent and grand parent.
those strings tug at my heart in every way and makes life a true blessing to live.
Thank you God for this good life I live