a lot of things have changed in my life, since I was on this and actually wrote a blog that had substance.

the biggest is my grandson was born two and a half years ago.

he is exceptional and wonderful and a true love of my life.

I lost my sister Linda almost a year ago.

she died from complications from a massive stroke.

I was with her hours before she died and it was painful to see her so ill

I think she knew who I was and that only made her cry more.

it was awful saying goodbye to her, but I do believe she is in a better place now.

My children and grandchildren are all healthy and doing well.

My husband is retired now and working part-time

life is good for the most part.
I get down sometimes and maybe even a bit depressed and often wonder “is this all there is in life?”

but I try to be upbeat and happy

life can throw curveballs, and we have to be prepared for that movement.

but overall God has blessed me with a good life.