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baby girls

I have had my grand daughters since about nine pm last night.
They both were asleep by nine thirty and slept fitfully.

neither girl can just lay still, they both are all over the bed when they sleep so it makes it hard for me to sleep too.
I love them so very much but it is hard to sleep with them.

No plans for the day.
May go to the city to go out to eat.
nothing is certain yet.

Well happy Sunday one and all.


My baby girls stayed the night last night.
Keira was asleep before eight pm due to the fact that she didn’t have a nap yesterday.
She slept all night long only waking up once talking in her sleep and crying a bit.
I patted her leg, told her I was here and she quieted right back down to sleep.

Kayla was asleep by nine and woke up at twelve (midnight) crying out.
I found her pacifier and gave it back to her and patted her butt until she quieted down.
She woke again at three ten, to the same ritual.
She woke up at six crying and wanting fed.
So we have all three been up since six.
Which is alright since I slept till nine yesterday morning (after not going to bed until midnight)
Keira went with grandpa to work (his every weekend ritual of reading meters) and then I will take a bath once they get back home.

The funny thing is, Miss Kayla refuses to crawl forward.
She literally gets up on her hands and feet to move.
She won’t crawl forward.
She will crawl back wards and scoot herself around

she can lay down and get herself sat back up too, and she tries very hard to pull herself to standing up completely although she hasn’t done it for me yet because the couch is too high for her.

She was nine months old yesterday.
Hard to believe….but I bet she is walking by her birthday in November.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being Nana?
πŸ™‚Kayla and Keira

last night the kids (minus Paula) came over and we played cards until almost midnight.
So much fun to play games with them and watch them interact with each other.
The boys tend to pick on their baby sister and she sometimes gets upset but I can tell she enjoys it too, being the baby.
Today we will have my two youngest grandchildren until tomorrow afternoon.

It is suppose to be very hot and humid today and tomorrow so I am not sure how much time we will spend outside.
I hate hot and humid weather.

Anyway no plans for when the children go home tomorrow afternoon but by then I am sure I will find something to do.
Love my baby girls so much, but the peace and quiet is good too.
Happy Weekend!

my Kayla

boat ride twomy baby girl is crawling backwards and sits herself up now.
So funny to watch.
She pulls herself to standing too but hasn’t crawled forward more then two or three knees forward at a time.
She looks at me like “I’m stuck, can you help?” and I always break down and go and pick her up.
She is wonderfully sweet and always in a good mood.
Love being her Nana.

mypics 027have my little grand daughters tonight and probably for most of tomorrow.
Parents are out partying.
To be young again.
We went to Iowa City for supper and went to Wal-Mart and came home so Keira could ride her bike for a while.
now it is nearly dark and hopefully both girls will be sleeping with in the hour.
Happy weekend everyone!


I don’t think I have mentioned recently the fun I have at being Nana

From taking the girls to the fair a week ago to boating last weekend….it is so wonderful to share these new things with my baby girls6569_1088011933124_1611237235_278609_5203904_n

here they were riding horses at the fair

July 25th 2009  2

this is of grandpa and two of my three girls


Mirielle (the back of her head) and Keira facing me

July 25th 2009

My son Brian and Keira climbing out of the water on to the boat

boat rideand my happy Kayla on the boat


Life just keeps getting better and better when it comes to being these three beautiful girls Nana.

Top five today

I haven’t done a top five in a while so here goes.

Number 5- Monday is over with for another week!!!

Number 4- I have my health and am very thankful for it

Number 3- it was a beautiful cool day

Number 2- I worked out in the yard tonight (one of my favorite things to do)

and the number one for today is——

I got to see Keira and Kayla today!!!!

my angels

mypics 028my little angels stayed over night again last night.
I usually don’t have them all weekend like I once did, but last night I had them again.
It was a big day yesterday with the boating and Keira didn’t sleep well so she was tired last night.
Kayla fell asleep in my arms at seven pm and I accidentally woke her up at eight ten, because I was closing the blinds in my bedroom.
By that time Keira was telling me she was very tired.
So I fixed Kayla a bottle and we all went to lay down in my room

Keira said to me again while we lay there watching Shrek, that she was really tired.
I told her to close her eyes and rest, and that she didn’t even have to sleep just rest her eyes.
They both were back asleep by eight thirty pm.
Kayla woke up at five for a bottle and went right back to sleep and Keira is still sleeping.
going on eleven hours now for her.
Which is great.
She obviously was very tired.

Well Keira is waking up just now, so let the day begin.


I do have to say after walking around the fair for four hours, in a new pair of shoes (I know, can anyone say idiot?) I am rather fatigued.

Lifting and re lifting my thirty pound three year old grand daughter and I am tired tired tired.

my little three year old angel is tired too.
She is sleeping now.
I am hoping for all night but chances are she won’t

Knowing her she will be up at midnight wanting something to eat.
My six year old grand daughter was a great help with the three year old and riding rides with her so Keira wouldn’t be scared.
She was a great big helper.

My eight month old grand daughter was a perfect angel.
Didn’t cry or fuss in that whole four hours and even slept for about twenty minutes.
Just a perfect little princess.

Anyway one more day of the fair and then it will be over for another year.