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a lot of things have changed in my life, since I was on this and actually wrote a blog that had substance.

the biggest is my grandson was born two and a half years ago.

he is exceptional and wonderful and a true love of my life.

I lost my sister Linda almost a year ago.

she died from complications from a massive stroke.

I was with her hours before she died and it was painful to see her so ill

I think she knew who I was and that only made her cry more.

it was awful saying goodbye to her, but I do believe she is in a better place now.

My children and grandchildren are all healthy and doing well.

My husband is retired now and working part-time

life is good for the most part.
I get down sometimes and maybe even a bit depressed and often wonder “is this all there is in life?”

but I try to be upbeat and happy

life can throw curveballs, and we have to be prepared for that movement.

but overall God has blessed me with a good life.


invisible strings

as I sit here reflecting on my day and thinking about summer and warmer temperatures I have to say that the highest point of my day was two different things.
both affect my heart-strings and the overflowing love I have for my youngest daughter and my two younger grand daughters.

the first high point (it is a tie, but this one happened first)

was when my youngest daughter who is almost six months pregnant text me and was saying how her son was moving around inside of her so much that it looked like he was playing ping-pong in there.
It warmed me so much because for one thing, we were told my daughter may never be able to conceive like a normal woman does (look how wrong that doctor was!) and because this is her first child and therefore it is all refreshing and new to her.
Therefore I get to live it all over again in her.
it  is wonderful to be able to share the joy of motherhood with her.
My eldest child, aside from the fact that she has disowned me, will never have a child, so sharing all of this with my youngest child, is extra precious.

The second thing that happened today was when my grand daughters came home.
they both are thrilled to see me and I get hugs and smiles and just so much joy in being their nana that it is almost indescribable.

The invisible strings are there constantly when it comes to being a parent and grand parent.
those strings tug at my heart in every way and makes life a true blessing to live.
Thank you God for this good life I live


we are approaching the middle of January already!
Where does the time go?
Seems like it flies by so swiftly.
Not sure why that is but I was once told the older I get the faster time flies.

Still don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.
Anything that will bring me closer to Spring and warmer temperatures is fine by me.
I love winter.
I do.
I love the crisp cold mornings and the freshly fallen snow.
I love the way the state more or less comes to a grinding halt as we struggle through the frigid months that make up winter.
It isn’t my favorite season, in fact of the four it ranks fourth.
first is spring with a very closely almost tied second of fall, than summer although I do hate when it is hot and humid for days on end.
And last winter.

Today however it is supposed to get to 35 which in itself will seem like a day in paradise since we have suffered through freezing temperatures since before 2010 came into view.
It will be nice to see some of this snow melt.

 still I have no complaints.
I don’t even mind being at work today.
Because in being here, my family (especially my grand daughters) are healthy and life can continue as the norm.

Tomorrow my youngest son is turning 24.

Hard to believe but since I am aging quite quickly it is only expected that my children get older too.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday
Peace and may the love of the Lord be with you each and every day!

sitting on go

ever feel like all you do is sit and wait?
I am at that feeling today.
I can’t wait for warmer weather.
I feel so boxed in and almost frantic with this cabin fever I have been experiencing of late.
I know spring is coming.
It is January after all and we have about two and a half if not three more months of winter before it will all start to thaw and the trees will start blooming again.

I’m also waiting for my son and his wife to find a place to live so I can have my house back.
Living with them is great in some ways but not so great in others.
The best part is I see my girls every day.
The worst part is living on top of each other.
I feel like I can’t even clean properly because everything is so congested and messy with their dogs, cat and their girls toys every where.
I don’t mean to complain.
I love my grandchildren more than I love my life, but it does get tiresome to have nowhere to go to get away from it all.

still I am trying to look on the bright side of things.
It is January, not October, so spring gets closer every day
And I do get to see my grand daughters every day, which is wonderful.

The Lord sees me through every day almost carrying me at times.
And I am very grateful for Him and all of my blessings.

My Christmas Wish

well here it is two days before Christmas eve and I have been thinking a lot on what I actually want for Christmas.

So here goes

First and foremost, I want people to believe in God and realize that He is the reason for everything!
That Christmas is actually about God and Jesus and not about giving lavish presents and trying to buy their way into people’s hearts.

Secondly, I wish for complete happiness and health for my children and their significant others and spouses
For my grand children as well, may they have long and happy and healthy lives and this goes for my little peanut due in May and any and all other grandchildren I may have.

Third, I wish for my husband and siblings to be happy and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and bask in the wonder of family.

Fourth, I wish to always remember that I am nothing without my Lord and the wonderful gifts He has given me which is  my family and His never-ending love.

Fifth, I wish for those who have lost a loved one through disease, war, divorce, estrangement, murder or suicide…..that they know to turn to God to find comfort and solace.
and for those who are losing a loved one as I write this, to hold on to God and find comfort in Him.

Sixth, I hope my siblings who are traveling do so safely and that they get to their destinations with little or no trouble and then safely home again after the holidays.

seventh, I hope the few friends I have will have a wonderful Christmas with their own families

eighth,  I wish for peace and an end to war

ninth,  I wish for myself to remember to be kind and considerate and not be so quick to judge or criticize others.

tenth, I wish for every person I know and for every person they know to have a very safe and healthy New Year and that we all live to see many more Christmas’ and New Years in the future.

it is in my Lord Jesus Christ’s name I pray

peas and carrots

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write about and it dawned on me that things go hand in hand.
Winter and cold, summer and heat, tea for two, peas and carrots, smiles and happiness, frowns and bitterness

my life is all about peas and carrots
what affects others is so much a part of me and who I am.

Take for instance my sons.
I tell them every single year at Christmas and Valentines day to show their wives that they love them and appreciate them.
My youngest son is better than my oldest, but even he has a hard time with it at times.
SO last night I bought a necklace for my older son to give to his wife.
He doesn’t get the idea of being romantic (he is like his father (sigh)

and I will give it to him to give to her on Christmas.


why don’t men get that?

Even my own husband whom I have been married to for 27 years has lost all concept of being romantic.
if he ever was to begin with.
Yes he was, but he has lost it.

Anyway back to my peas and carrots thoughts……what I do or don’t do go hand in hand with how my children, grand children and husband react and I take it from there.
I live my life for all of them.

Like peas and carrots we go hand in hand.

Is it ideal?
No, but it is my life and I am obligated by my own conscience to live this life because I chose it.

a couple of comments were posted under my original title of here in the real world.
I wrote about how easily people give up on marriage and how sad that was.

I think people should try harder.
I really do.
Of course if one of the people in the relationship wants out, then there is nothing the other person can do, however if the effort is made to stick together and never say divorce….I think it is worth it in the end.

Take myself for instance.

I married my husband when I was seventeen and pregnant with my first child.
She is now thirty years old (she will be thirty-one in four months)
I was a child having a child and I resented my husband and how he thought he knew it all and I knew very little.
We had problems.
I suggested marriage counseling and his comment to that was “I don’t have a problem, why should I go to counseling?  If you have a problem it is your problem”

needless to say we grew apart after fourteen years and we divorced.
I wanted out of the relationship and did every thing I could to get out of it.

Then three years later I realized that no one would complete my family as much as my ex husband would.
And we remarried.

I won’t lie to you and say it has been a bed of roses.
It hasn’t.
He still can be bull-headed and think everything is black and white.
He still is grossly over weight which let’s be honest, is hard to be attracted to someone who weighs three hundred pounds.

But beneath all that there is a kind-hearted man who loves me more than anything else on this earth.
No there isn’t passion but there is a calmness…a security and a friendship.
Is he the love of my life?
NO, but he is the father of my children and he is the person above all else (men anyway) that I can trust at his word and know that he loves and cares about me and wants life’s best for me.

I won’t lie and say I never miss a passionate embrace or a wonderful romantic session of love making……….because yes sometimes I do.
But my husband isn’t like that and I have discovered  there is more to life than that.
There is honesty, fidelity, compassion, friendship, partnership…family.
All of these things mean more to me than wild sex or a romantic candle light dinner.

So I guess my point in writing this is…..if people over looked the faults in their spouses and or significant others and only look at the good and the reason they fell in love with the person they are married to and or with…..then I think people would learn to love again, or find a different definition of love   and marriages would last.

 our country is spoiled and like the things we think we NEED  or WANT to make us happy, we don’t think about what we really need and if we applied all of that to our marriages and the good ness of a solid relationship, I think people would find what they are looking for in the person they married, and or have a life long commitment with.

baby girls

I have had my grand daughters since about nine pm last night.
They both were asleep by nine thirty and slept fitfully.

neither girl can just lay still, they both are all over the bed when they sleep so it makes it hard for me to sleep too.
I love them so very much but it is hard to sleep with them.

No plans for the day.
May go to the city to go out to eat.
nothing is certain yet.

Well happy Sunday one and all.

My baby girls stayed the night last night.
Keira was asleep before eight pm due to the fact that she didn’t have a nap yesterday.
She slept all night long only waking up once talking in her sleep and crying a bit.
I patted her leg, told her I was here and she quieted right back down to sleep.

Kayla was asleep by nine and woke up at twelve (midnight) crying out.
I found her pacifier and gave it back to her and patted her butt until she quieted down.
She woke again at three ten, to the same ritual.
She woke up at six crying and wanting fed.
So we have all three been up since six.
Which is alright since I slept till nine yesterday morning (after not going to bed until midnight)
Keira went with grandpa to work (his every weekend ritual of reading meters) and then I will take a bath once they get back home.

The funny thing is, Miss Kayla refuses to crawl forward.
She literally gets up on her hands and feet to move.
She won’t crawl forward.
She will crawl back wards and scoot herself around

she can lay down and get herself sat back up too, and she tries very hard to pull herself to standing up completely although she hasn’t done it for me yet because the couch is too high for her.

She was nine months old yesterday.
Hard to believe….but I bet she is walking by her birthday in November.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being Nana?
🙂Kayla and Keira

last night the kids (minus Paula) came over and we played cards until almost midnight.
So much fun to play games with them and watch them interact with each other.
The boys tend to pick on their baby sister and she sometimes gets upset but I can tell she enjoys it too, being the baby.
Today we will have my two youngest grandchildren until tomorrow afternoon.

It is suppose to be very hot and humid today and tomorrow so I am not sure how much time we will spend outside.
I hate hot and humid weather.

Anyway no plans for when the children go home tomorrow afternoon but by then I am sure I will find something to do.
Love my baby girls so much, but the peace and quiet is good too.
Happy Weekend!