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waiting on……..

this is a pet peeve of mine, waiting on people

my mother use to make people wait on us all of the time when I was a kid,  and even as an adult with my own family we were always waiting on mom.
Guess that is why it is such a pet peeve of mine.
If you are going to be some place at a certain  time  and tell  people you will  be there at a certain time….then be there!!!
Jesh why is it so hard?
I realize  things happen that we can’t always control but it is just respectful to be on time!!!!

more snow shoveling

okay I just came in from shoveling more snow and it actually feels colder then when I was out there at ten.
What is up with that?
The wind has picked up a great deal and it is a mighty cold wind.

Of course now my back hurts quite a bit.
And I am still not done with the shoveling.

But Emily is coming earlier then planned to go to lunch and I took some ibuprofen to help with the back ache so hopefully when I get back from lunch I can finish up with the shoveling.
What I shoveled earlier the sun has melted the ice and it is nice and wet now.
But at least the snow and ice are gone.

More later…..

I need to put a correction in here….just because I  wrote it wrong.
The song that Jamey Johnson sings I said it was titled “You should have seen it in Color” and I was wrong, it is only titled “In Color”

it is my husband’s current favorite song.

irks me

by nothing I have done the blog  just goes ahead and changes on me.
I hate it.
I liked it just fine the way it was so who and why would anyone go and change the whole thing on me?

what gives with that?
There was nothing wrong with the way it was…..

darn it…..


Several years ago a woman at the nursing home that I use to take care of would often say “Arthur is comin a callin” and the first time she said that to me  I asked her what that meant and she explained that she had Arthritis and it was bad that day.

Well I have to say I think I’m getting arthritis too.
My hands and the joints in my hands hurt tremendously

so …..Arthur is comin a callin and I have to say….I’m not ready for him


my adorable little grand daughter just got out of the bath tub and she smells wonderfully good.
She loves her bath.
loves playing with her toys and swimming and splashing around.

She is such a happy child.
I enjoy her so much.
Her favorite thing to say is “What are you doing?”
or “Huh?”

she talks up a storm

she just said to my husband and I “Brian and Mirielle went home?  Tonyia working…..mommy and daddy at baby class?”

I said “yes.   Are you going to have a baby brother or baby sister”

and she said “A baby brother in mommy’s tummy”
I said “Oh today you are going to have a baby brother?”

and she said “Yep  a baby brother in mommy’s tummy”

Right now she is eating ice cream with grampa.

They just sang Patty cake Patty cake.
And grampa said “Throw it in the oven for Keira and me”  and Keira said “And Nana too?”

And grampa said “of course Nana too.”

I just can’t imagine loving another child as much as I love this one.
BUT I remember thinking that with my own children and it is amazing how the love just grows to another member of the family so easily.

catching up on sleep

because of the heat, which I’m sure I have mentioned over the months how I hate the heat, I have opted to stay inside under the fan.
I fell asleep and slept three and a half hours.
Hard to believe.
I never take naps.
But I haven’t slept well for the last few nights so I guess I needed to catch up.

I only hope I can sleep tonight now.

It is weird how the older I get the harder I find it to sleep without breaks of being awake and worrying about bills or other things.

my husband asked me a while ago what was keeping me awake.
Well honestly bills are the biggest thing.
Worrying about getting things in order and trying to catch up on the behind bills.

My sister wrote on one of my blogs how it seems my life revolves around my children.
Well honestly what else is there?
There isn’t  anything more important then my children and grand children.
Why should that be surprising?

Where would I be and what would I do if I didn’t have my children and grand children.
Who would I be?

there are times when I feel like I could just run away from it all but really would I be happy?
Quite doubtful.
My life is my family.
And honestly I can’t see it any other way………..

now if I could just get the bills caught up and get some sleep at night.

I have written ten blogs tonight!!!
Count them ten!!!!!
and six of them are dated as if I was writing on August 30th 2008

which is today and I am writing them today!!!

the last four  said I wrote them on August 31st 2008

and the odd thing is August 31st isn’t here for four hours and twenty four minutes yet.
isn’t that strange?????

my internet must be fast forwarding in to the future??????
Does it have a life of it’s own that I don’t know about????

My love

My love is two years old.
My love is talking more and more every day

My love just told me she is “Poppies girl”

My love is becoming a little dare devil
My love struts around here like she owns the place
My love is becoming a little actress
My love is adorable and extremely sweet and loveable.
My love is Keira Cheyenne.
My little love bug.