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rif raft, is that a word?
not quite sure but it came to mind so I wrote it.
None essential things is basically that I have nothing new to share.
life is good for the most part.
I have a few quirks here and there that I need to deal with and iron out
but for the most part everything is A OKAY
my husband, children and grandchildren are all healthy
my siblings all are struggling with issues but nothing so out landish that they aren’t doing okay as well

My heavenly Father is forever gracious to me and blesses me every single day

what more do I need?

I will always want more money and I really need to lose weight, but….I’m working on both of those so……..
life is good.



well in four days we will be into the year 2010

Amazing if one thinks about it.
I find it hard to believe.
Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were just about to turn to the year 2000

where does the time go?

I am not going to make any New Years resolutions because ninety-five percent of the time I end up breaking them anyway.
I am however going to become a new person.

I am giving my life to God.
To do with as He sees fit.
Everything I do regarding any other human being is going to be due to my Lord and the precious life He has given me.

I am going to be a better wife
I am going to be a better mother.
A better sister and friend.

I am going to walk with God in my Heart and God by my side.
With my Lord anything and everything is possible.
Without Him, I would be a tumble weed blowing in the wind.

So as I look into the year 2010 and wonder what it will hold in store for me besides a new grand child….I give it up to God.
For He is everything to me and HE is responsible for all the gifts and blessings in my life.